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RAPE! What Does The Bible Say About It?

Written by onetruth

RAPE! What Does The Bible Say About It?

Rape is a global problem!!

This publication provides solution to this global problem. Throughout the history of rape, women have been trying to find ways to stop and prevent rape from happening.

Rape is more distressing for women than any other violent crimes.

One in three women worldwide experiences rape. One in ten (10) girls sexually abused, says UN report ( Therefore, women today are to protect themselves from rape.

Rape, a horrible crime is a symptom of an unhealthy society in which women fear men. This must be stopped.

Rapists are sex criminals.

Every girl, every woman has an in-built power in her that she will use to defend herself, overpower and defeat rapist(s).  Everyone is encouraged to read this article especially every female (female folks) in this world.

This information may save a life; it is better safe than sorry!

Exposure to revelation knowledge is life and information is light.



The Almighty God gives zero tolerance to rape in the Bible. He (God) neither covers it nor ignores the atrocity of rape in the Bible. The word of God makes protection for girls and women against rape in the Bible. The crime of rape is a sinful action in the sight of God.

Biblical answer to the question of rape is correctly and perfectly dealt with as follows: the biblical view of rape is horrid and absolutely evil. Rape is not tolerated in the Bible’s laws at all. It is gross violence offence against women. The Bible always sees rape as violence offence and sin. It is important to understand that God has never condoned any type of sexual activity outside of a lawful marriage (Hebrews 13:4). God never closes His eyes to the sexual assault (rape) in the Bible.

In the Bible, rape is a crime. The deep spiritual understanding of the atrocity/crime of rape in the Holy Bible is a gross violation of God’s design and purpose for the treatment of the human body that God created after His image – Genesis 1:26 -27 KJV “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Therefore the human body is created in the image of God; and the human body of any genuinely born again Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit: Genesis 1:26, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:13, 18-20 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. The human body of a true Christian believer is created in Christ Jesus by God to carry the Lord Jesus Christ to do good works and the crime of rape is never a good work at all: Ephesians 2:10 KJV “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works…” The human body (the temple of the Holy Spirit) of any genuinely born again Christian is the carrier of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) and such a true believer cannot use his body to rape a girl/woman: John 14:23.

God did not create the male sexual organ of man for rape; even He (God) did not design man’s penis to commit any form of sexual sin (immorality) like the crime of rape. And this is reason why God says let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband: 1 Corinthians 7:2. Any man that rapes is of the devil.

Then why do men rape? It is because those men who rape are not genuinely born again; they do not have the Holy Spirit of God on the inside of them (in their heart).

The Bible condemns atrocity/crime of rape whenever it is mentioned. In the book of Deuteronomy 22:13–29, God gave laws to the children of Israel before entering the Promised Land. The Scripture Deuteronomy 22:13–29 spoke directly against sexual defilement of any woman by forcing her (a woman) into a sexual encounter (intercourse) against her will (consent), or what we know today as rape. This law was meant to protect women against rape.

Deuteronomy 22:25–27 revealed that death penalty was required for a man who raped an engaged woman under the Law of Moses. The man was to be killed by stoning while the woman was considered innocent if she was raped without her consent (against her will) – and she did cry out for help during the rape incident. The Law of Moses under the Old Testament was for the nation of Israel during the time of Moses. The understanding of the principle of the Law of Moses is clear that rape is sinful in the eyes of God; and this Law of Moses of the Old Testament leads to the most extreme punishment possible, that is, capital punishment (death) for the rapist.

Deuteronomy 22:28-29 protected and shielded victim’s honor, reputation, value and assured (guaranteed) her  care support, even provided and assured life care support for her child if she became pregnant from the crime of the rape, that is, permanent care support for the victim. This condition/requirement in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 served as a deterrent against rape since the man (rapist) would have to live with that woman (the violated victim) for the rest of his life.  The Law of Moses in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 protected the woman against the atrocity/crime of rape in the society and punished the man who rapes.

The research revealed that some people find it extremely difficult to understand Deuteronomy 22:28-29 in relation to the subject of rape. The basic truth is that God is good and He (God) can never do and support evil and sexual violence offence against female gender. The human wisdom cannot comprehend the wisdom of God; man cannot use his wisdom to understand the wisdom of God unless the Holy Spirit gives revelation knowledge for any believer to have real understanding of the wisdom of God. This is because 1Corinthians 1:25 KJV says “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men….”

Therefore, the Holy Bible (the word of God) condemns rape.  The ways and thoughts of God are completely different from man’s ways and how he (man) thinks because God does not think as man thinks – Isaiah 55: 8 – 9 KJV “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

This article speaks exactly the mind of God on the issue of rape.

Deuteronomy 22: 23 – 24 says that if a man rapes a woman in the city. And the woman (the violated or rape victim) did not cry out for help, she is to be stoned to death with the rapist (violator or perpetrator) because it means that there is consensual sexual activity between the two of them. The Bible considers the surroundings (city) in which the rape takes place because it is expected of the woman (the violated or rape victim) to scream out/cry out for help since people are always around in the city. If you read and study carefully this Deuteronomy 22: 23 – 24, you see that the word “force” is not used in the narrative of the crime of rape in Deuteronomy 22: 23 – 24.

Deuteronomy 22: 25 -27 mentions the second instance where a man rapes a woman in the field (not in the city). The Bible considers the environment (surroundings) where the crime of rape takes place. The field indicates or signifies secluded place, isolated, deserted and lonely environment (surroundings). And unlike Deuteronomy 22:23 -24, the word “force” is used in the account of the crime of rape in Deuteronomy 22:25 – 27, that is, the man (rapist or violator) used force against her will (consent) to carry out the atrocity of rape against the rape victim (woman).

And note that the scene of the crime of rape is in the field (not in the city); although if the woman rises alarm, screams out and cries out for help, and nobody is there to rescue her, the rape victim is innocent. Therefore in this instance, the woman (violated or rape victim) is protected and shielded from stoning to death. It is only the man (the rapist) who will be stoned to death. In this instance, the reputation, honor and value of the woman (the violated or rape victim) is restored and protected in the community (society).

It means that in this narrative, God is pro-woman by protecting every girl and every woman from rape in the society/ community. In this Deuteronomy 22:25 – 27, He (God) had provided safety and protection for every woman in the society or community against rape.

The third instance as regards the Biblical view on the sexual violence offense (rape) against woman is found in Deuteronomy 22: 28 – 29. The narrative presented here is that the man seduces (not by force) the woman to rape her. The man (rapist) should marry the woman (the violated or rape victim) as long as she is not engaged to any man. The man will pay the dowry and at the same time bears the responsibility of taking care of the woman for life – protection and provision for her.

But if the father of the woman refuses to give his sexually defiled and assaulted daughter by rape to the violator/perpetrator (the rapist), the man (rapist) shall be seen as a sex criminal and therefore he will still be responsible for the upkeep of the woman (the violated) for the rest of his life apart from paying the mandatory dowry to the father of the woman – Exodus 22: 16 – 17. God also here protects and shields the woman from rape. He provides safety and protection for them in the society.

This also means from the above three instances/ narratives as regards the issues of rape, God never condones, ignores or covers rape because it is evil in the sight of God. And therefore God condemns rape in its entirety.

There is nowhere in the bible where God condoned rape. Even in the books of Numbers 31 and Judges 21 in which the children of Israel were permitted to take female captives from nations they conquered, they (the female captives) were never raped. These Scriptures (Numbers 31and Judges 21) say nothing about raping the captive women. It is not right to say by assumption that the captive women were to be raped when it was never written in the Bible. The Jewish soldiers  were instructed (commanded) to purify themselves and their captives (Numbers 31:19 NKJV And as for you, remain outside the camp seven days; whoever has killed any person, and whoever has touched any slain, purify yourselves and your captives on the third day and on the seventh day.”). The word “your captives” in this Numbers 31:19 NKJV refers to the female captives from nations they (Jewish soldiers) conquered.

Remember that rape would have violated this instruction (command) in Leviticus 15: 16 -18 NKJV “If any man has an emission of semen, then he shall wash all his body in water, and be unclean until evening. And any garment and any leather on which there is semen, it shall be washed with water, and be unclean until evening. Also, when a woman lies with a man, and there is an emission of semen, they shall bathe in water, and be unclean until evening.” The female captives (the captive women) are never referred to as sex objects in the Bible. Even these female captives (the captive women) were likely eventually married amongst the children of Israel.  And there is no place (nowhere) in the Bible where God allowed the children of Israel to commit the crime of rape or carry out forced sexual slavery (forced sexual relations) on women.

The New Testament condemns rape as a terrible sin before God because the body of a genuinely born again Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit – and it must not be defiled by rape: 1 Corinthians 6:18 NKJV and 1 Corinthians 3:16 -17 NKJV “Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body…  Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”



The grave consequence of the three (3) cases of rape recorded in the Bible resulted in brutal killings. This shows that the Bible is telling us that rape is evil.

The first case took place in the book of Genesis 34 where Dinah the daughter of Jacob was raped by a young man called Shechem – Genesis 34 : 1 -2 NIV “Now Dinah, the daughter Leah had borne to Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land. When Shechem son of Hamorthe Hivite,the ruler of that area, saw her, he took her and raped her.” And her brothers ( two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers,) killed Hamor (the father of the rapist), the rapist himself and the men of the city where Dinah was raped – Genesis 34: 25 – 27 NIV “Three days later, while all of them were still in pain, two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, took their swords and attacked the unsuspecting city, killing every male. They put Hamor and his son Shechem to the sword and took Dinah from Shechem’s house and left. The sons of Jacob came upon the dead bodies and looted the city where their sister had been defiled.”

 The second case of rape in the Bible happened to an unnamed concubine to a Levite in Judges 19. Some wicked men in the city of Gibeah (belonging to one of the tribes of Israel – the Benjamites) came to commit the crime of rape against this unnamed concubine. She was raped to death by these wicked men: Judges 19:25 NIV “But the men would not listen to him. So the man took his concubine and sent her outside to them, and they raped her and abused her throughout the night …” The end result or the consequence of this outrageous act and atrocity (rape) by these rapists is brutal killings in a war where many lost their lives in Judges 20. Also the root cause of the war is rape where the dead body of the rape victim was cut into pieces by the Levite and distributed to the 12 regions of Israel by tribes. Rape is evil in the Scriptures and it is absolutely condemned in the Bible.

The third rape case in the Bible took place in the family of King David. Apart from being a rape case, it is also incest, that is, rape coupled with incest. Tamar was raped by her half-brother, Amnon: 2 Samuel 13:14 NIV “But he (Amnon) refused to listen to her (Tamar), and since he was stronger than she, he raped her.” Absalom, her full-blood brother (Tamar’s brother) later killed Amnon to avenge her rape: 2 Samuel 13:32 NIV “But Jonadab son of Shimeah, David’s brother, said, “My lord should not think that they killed all the princes; only Amnon is dead. This has been Absalom’s express intention ever since the day Amnon raped his sister Tamar.”

To study in detail for a better and deeper understanding of (1) the power that every girl, every woman has over rape (2) how every girl , every woman will use this power to defend herself, overpower and defeat rapists – how to combat, crush and conquer sex  criminals (3) how every female can use female power to fight, stop and end rape using boys and men (4) know and understand why men rape – and how to stop rape by men: get a copy of this book at KDP AMAZON : “EVERY GIRL, EVERY WOMAN POWER Over RAPE”

This information may save your life or the life of your loved ones

A candle is not dimmed by lighting another candle; get copies for your daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, relations and friends.

Note: Proverbs 23:23 NKJV “Buy the truth, and do not sell it…”

Please, bless someone or group of people in Christian community with this publication by sharing it. It means that you belong to the great company of the children of God who published it – Psalms 68:11 KJV “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”










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Olusegun Ibikunle has devoted his entire life to the service of his Master Lord Jesus Christ since 2003, greatly adding value to lives. He is into the propagation of the gospel of Christ of righteousness and holiness on the earth. By the grace of God, he is the founder of the Holy Army of Christ (HAC) Ministries. The ministries God has used to bless the children, the teenagers, the youths and the adults.

He has a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering. The Holy Spirit inspired him to write this book for the edification of the Body of Christ and the benefit of Heaven-bound Christians in the last days (end times).

He is a great life coach. He holds seminars across the globe.


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