Hero Worship: NOT “MEN OF GOD” BUT “gods of men”

Written by onetruth

Ardent religious followers who are naive, gullible and deceived see their General overseers/ pastors as acolytes, intercessors and intermediaries to the Almighty God. And these “gods of men” are revered as epitomes of righteousness, holiness, piety, purity and morality. General Overseers / Pastors are NOT God – they cannot even answer your prayer but only God – Psalms 65:2 KJV “O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.” According to this Scripture Psalms 65:2, it is only God who answers prayer (in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ).

The spirit of hero worship will never allow General Overseers / Pastors to build and develop members of their congregations to know God by themselves and have a personal walk and close relationship with God, but rather they (General Overseers / Pastors) do everything to grow pews of minions whose whole lives depend on directions and directives from their so called “spiritual fathers.”

A functional system has been created in Christian faith by the denominational churches in Nigeria for the General Overseers / Pastors to have the stranglehold/ strong hold on their followers. The General Overseers / Pastors who serve as intermediaries/middlemen between the Supreme Being (the Almighty God) and His creation (man) have taken to promoting their roles in ways that tend to subordinate the almightiness of the One they serve. They crave recognition, display arrogant power, affluence, influence and demand privileges from the same worshippers who have come to seek solace from the trauma of a political system that has perpetually turned their every dream into nightmares! They put these church members in religious slavery and bondage.

It is the reason why rather than worship God, men and women have become worshippers of men and muddled up their relationship with God. Most of the false doctrines and the dogmatism that visit Nigeria on the religious plane these days, result from the failure of the faithful (the genuinely born again Christians) to take the personal responsibility of knowing more about the God that they serve. The failure or neglect to appreciate that everyone has access to God without necessarily seeking the intervention of some other men, has pushed a lot of Nigerian Christians to places where they have transferred the love, respect and fear of God to their spiritual fathers (fathers in the Lord).

And when that happens, it becomes impossible to realize that the General Overseers/pastors are as fallible as any other human being. This is the reason many followers would (just like we treat our political leader), neither hold their spiritual leaders accountable nor allow people who have the presence of mind ask very important questions. And that is sad! When a society is falling apart like it is in Nigeria, when politics fail the people, when education has drifted, and the souls of men and women have become largely self-serving, religious institutions should be the hope for revival, social harmonization and moral rebirth. Nigerian General Overseers/pastors who are into hero worship practice have fallen into doctrinal error or corruption of doctrines – they are not practicing true Christianity at all!

About the author


Olusegun Ibikunle has devoted his entire life to the service of his Master Lord Jesus Christ since 2003, greatly adding value to lives. He is into the propagation of the gospel of Christ of righteousness and holiness on the earth. By the grace of God, he is the founder of the Holy Army of Christ (HAC) Ministries. The ministries God has used to bless the children, the teenagers, the youths and the adults.

He has a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering. The Holy Spirit inspired him to write this book for the edification of the Body of Christ and the benefit of Heaven-bound Christians in the last days (end times).

He is a great life coach. He holds seminars across the globe.

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